Thursday, October 15, 2009

Potential Dangers Using an Air Compressor

Compressed Air can be painfully fatal!

What follows are examples of the potential injuries that can occur even in a simple dust off situation of the “we’ve done this forever” or “I’ve done it a thousand times”, category.

Employees in a woodworking business were using an air compressor and blow gun to clean sawdust off their clothes. One man pushed the air hose between the legs of another worker. Results:

· Bruises and bleeding
· Shock
· Abdomen and hernia canals ballooned
· Bowel torn open in three places
· Abdominal cavity filled with fluid, blood and other matter
· Abdominal cavity membranes torn in several places

Operations failed to save the man’s life. He died within three hours. Investigations showed that the air compressor was operating at 100 psi at the time.

One man in a Massachusetts factory was killed in exactly the same way.

Another had a narrow escape when cleaning the palm of his hand with a blow gun connected to an air compressor, the air entered his body through the pores of his skin and inflated his whole arm for nearly three days.

More to follow........