Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Carbon Monoxide Accident

Learn how a simple manoeuvre nearly ended in disaster

This is a true Story

A man paint spraying, let’s call him Tom, was supplying his spray gun from an engine driven air compressor. Tom was busy in his workshop with the compressor safely running outside in the open air. He was wearing a breathing mask which was also being supplied with compressed air from the same petrol compressor.

It was a fine day so he decided to move outside and spray his work in the sunshine. But now the compressor was too loud beside him so, to reduce the noise, he put the air compressor in the shed he had just vacated.
A half of an hour later Tom was lying on the ground in the bright sunshine, unconscious. Someone found him and removed the air fed mask from his face, an ambulance was called and Tom was rushed to hospital. Fortunately, Tom survived; he’s well again and back in his workshop spraying better than ever. The hospital doctor said, “Had the mask been left on his face for another ten minutes, he would have undoubtedly died”.

When Tom closed the shed door on the petrol compressor, he unwittingly trapped all the carbon monoxide produced by the engine in the shed. Since the air compressor was drawing in the lethal air trapped in his workshop and because the same lethal air was being fed to Tom’s face mask, the result was Deadly. So please remember;
Ordinary “in-line” Oil removal filters do not trap carbon monoxide.
(And never allow your compressor to be situated near exhaust fumes)
We at C.A.C. totally disapprove of using engine driven air compressors for Air Fed Face Masks. We recommend using, where possible, a self contained helmet which includes battery, intake fan and an excellent filter housing to “Asbestos” standard. This is totally independent of the air compressor. You can buy one from us or any good safety centre.
For your safety, please download from our website the Only Compressed Air Safety Manual in the world. Many young people leave college and go straight into a working life with little or no training on compressed air. Many adults also work with compressed air having little knowledge of the possible mis-uses. Our industry is the safest in Europe, let’s keep it that way. Contact us if you require extra copies Free of Charge.